JPEG Voyager Tour 2016 april 2016

With an incredible amount of pleasure and joy we announce the new journey “James Wanless Voyager Egypt Tour ‘.

This particular trip will take place from 7 t / m December 21, 2016.

The trip is supervised by James Wanless and Yvon Taken and will guarantee profound Egypt experiences and will open a development impulse in consciousness in working with the Voyager Tarot in yourself!

Do you enjoy working with the Voyager Tarot and you want this particular floor, this is an opportunity that you definitely can not let pass!!

About James:

The Voyager Tarot is an inspirational, contemporary tarot deck of symbolist James Wanless and artist Ken Knutsen. The Voyager is named after the spacecraft has photographed the outer planets of our solar system.

As this space has increased our knowledge about the space outside us, so we can increase our self-knowledge, using the Voyager Tarot.

“Voyager” means “traveler”. With the cards from the Voyager Tarot we travel through the fascinating and imposing landscapes of the different layers of our consciousness which also Egypt effortlessly and naturally will open in us.

Therefore traveling with James and Yvon through Egypt will certainly be one great inspiring and fascinating happening. Be sure that amazing experiences will happen to you.

Feel it, See it, Believe it, Do it! James

About Yvon:

Many of you are already inspired by James and the Voyager Tarot deck he created. Let me introduce myself. I’m Yvon Taken, a Dutch music therapist, sound healer and ancient Egyptian healer.

The tarot is a medium I use in my work already for many years. Originally I’m educated in the Rider Wait Tarot but from the first moment I came in contact with the Voyager tarot, the Voyager Tarot became my most favorite tarot deck to work with until now.

I had the pleasure to work several times in Holland with James during the weekends The Living Tarot which I organized together with Elly Spronk from the spiritual centre The Star at Terborg. Five years these weekends were very successful. The last three years also with James which was very inspirational!

In 2007 my life changed radically and brought me to Egypt, to Abydos, the land of Osiris. It was very clear for me that all my life experiences until then were a preparation for the work which was waiting me there from that moment. The story of the remarkable English woman Omm Sety and her wish to create in Abydos again a House of Life like in ancient Egypt, became a target I wanted to achieve together with the Egyptian healer Horus who was educated by her since his childhood.

Seven years we worked, we focused and we created together and with others the Hotel Healing centre House of Life at Abydos. A spiritual centre and a hotel in which we collect and work with the knowledge of the ancient Egyptians in order to heal, to inspire and to educate others. We did almost a super human job and it was a great example of the slogan James always is using…..Feel it, See it, Believe it, Do it…….and we did!!!

Since 2008 I’m initiated in the knowledge of the ancient Egyptians. I visited many temples and ancient places of great power in Egypt. I went through many rituals and together with the Egyptian healer Horus we support and develop the course Ancient Egyptian Healing…..many participants I supported in their personal processes these last eight years.

One of my favorite starting of the day is the morning mediation and picking a Voyager Tarot card to start with it the brand new day….Many morning meditations I lead in this way and sharing the experiences and the meaning of the Voyager card to my groups became a favorite way of working, not only for me but also my groups.

I feel grateful that now the moment is there that James and I will travel together with you through Egypt and share with you our personal knowledge and experiences. James in his inspirational way and with his great knowledge, and me with all my experiences and knowledge I collect about the ancient Egyptians and their way of healing.

Egypt is the land of the soul and the land of the deep Universal knowledge……

The James Wanless Voyager Tarot tour will touch and inspire all of us, is one thing I know for sure!!!

Feel it, See it, Believe it, Do it…….We will!!! Yvon

Itinerary James Wanless ‘Voyager Tarot Egypt Tour’

7 Dec. Arriving Cairo.

8 Dec. Visiting of the museum of Cairo. In the evening a visiting of Old Cairo, the famous souk Khan Khalillie…..

9 Dec. Visiting of Imhotep museum at Sakkarra – the incredible Serapeum and the pyramid of Djoser at Sakkara.

10 Dec. Visiting of the pyramids and the Sphinx’s. After that we will continue our way to El Minja.

11 Dec. Visiting of Tel El Amarna, the land of Pharaoh Achnaton and his Queen Nefertiti.

12 Dec. Visiting of Aschmoenihien, the land of Thoth and the ancient cemetery Toena El Djebel, dedicated to Thoth. After that we will continue our way to Abydos.

The four coming day’s we will stay in the Hotel Healing Centre House of Life at Abydos.

13 Dec. Day of relaxation.

14 t/m 17 Dec. Starting of the masterclass which will take place every morning from 10:30 u. – 13:00 u.

13:00 u – 14:00 u. Lunch

13:00 – 15:00 u. Taking rest.

15:00 – 18:00 u. Visitings the Temples of Sety I and Ramsess II and relaxation.

18:00 u – 19:00 u. Diner

20:00 u – 22:00 u. Evening master classes.

18 Dec. Visiting of the Hathor Temple at Dendera. After that we will continue to Luxor.

19 Dec. Visiting the Valley of the Kings.

20 Dec. Visiting Karnak temple and Luxor temple.

21 Dec. In the early morning we will take our flight to Cairo and other destinations.

The fee of this magical tour:

The fee of this magical tour is € 1730, – or $1965, – based on sharing a double room.

The fee of a single room will be € 1975, – or $ 2240, -.

It’s including the masterclass – hotels with breakfast – lunch and diner and one drink after every meal.

It’s excluding the flight ticket, visa, tips and the tickets for the temples and museums.

The price for the visa will be $ 25, – and will be arrange when we arrive Cairo airport.

The price for the tips will be € 80, – or $ 90, –

Giving tips to temple guardians and hotels employees are a part of the income of the Egyptians. It will guarantee us that we can do our work in the temples and important places without disturbing and will give us a good service.

The total price for the museums and temple tickets will be € 150, – or $ 170, –

Your participation will become final after payment of half the amount. The second half of the sum should be paid before 1 of November 2016.

For participation please send an Email